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We are now offering NEW services that are included with the purchase of a home inspection. When purchasing a home inspection you are automatically signed up for 4 different programs that protect you and your future home. Recall Chek keeps you informed of recalls on all appliances present at the time of inspection. Mold Safe helps cover the cost of any new mold growth after the inspection. Sewer Gard is a policy that helps keep your peace of mind when it comes to water lines and sewer lines. The 90 day warranty helps cover your expensive if mechanical and structural occur. Follow the links below to find out exactly what each policy entails.


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Why Should You Choose IHI Home Inspections for Your Atlanta Home Inspection or North Georgia Home Inspection?

We could write all kinds of information about your Atlanta home inspector, David Lelak with IHI Home Inspections.We could use all kinds of written testimonies to tell you why you should choose IHI Home Inspections for all of your Atlanta real estate needs. Instead we will let some of our very satisfied residential inspection customers tell you why they choose IHI Home Inspections for their  Metro Atlanta home inspections.

Find out in the video below why David Muirhead called the IHI Home Inspection team not once, but twice.  Also find out why he also wanted the 4 star package when he purchased his home inspection services.


Sometimes being able to see those things that you wouldn’t normally see with a naked eye makes all the difference in the world.

The Electric panel below looked normal to the naked eye. Look what showed up in the infrared scan.


Make sure that you know exactly what you’re getting by using a home inspector who can see things with the top of the line technology, that can’t be seen with the naked eye.




Mr. Mosby was surprised by how thorough IHI Home Inspections was during the home inspection in Big Canoe. This is a statement that we hear over and over from our home inspection clients in Metro Atlanta, Ga and all across North Georgia. Our home inspections generally last anywhere from three to four hours.  Most of the time sellers don’t like this because they know that the more time we spend inspecting their house, the more items we are going to find for you as the buyer. You want a home inspection report that will provide you with thorough information, that’s easy to read, detailed and that gives you, the buyer, the information you need to make an educated decision about the house you are purchasing.

 We actually gained the respect of a very active real estate agent in Big Canoe because we took such great care of her client. She also never had a home inspector in Atlanta that walked the roof before.

As an Atlanta home inspector we get referrals from industry specialists all the time. Take a minute and listen to what Bo had to say about his experience as a closing attorney and the Atlanta home inspections he had in the past.


Bo went through the entire real estate home inspection process with David, which included walking on the roof and going all the way in the crawl space. David went above and beyond in his opinion. He knows how home inspections can go awry and David was detailed and Bo was very impressed.

Sometimes during the Atlanta home inspection process we find things that save the home buyer not only money, but also frustration…take a listen at this next home buyers video and see what he had to say about the Atlanta home inspector!

This is one time the home buyer was glad he got a thorough Atlanta home inspection, no one wants to end up with a money pit instead of a dream home. Even the “deals” out there can turn into a money pit. Don’t be fooled by a good looking home at a great price. Book your Atlanta home inspection today. Even if the house you’re planning to buy is an “As is foreclosure property” you still want to know exactly what you’re purchasing and a certified home inspector can help with that.

Perhaps you’re buying a new construction home and think that you don’t need a home inspection… Check out what Eric had to say about his thoughts on a new home and the money spent on a home inspection in Atlanta.

Eric’s  new construction home inspection was money well spent. However, he is not alone. There are several satisfied new home buyers who have learned exactly what it will take to be a home owner. Whether that means there are 83 issues on your roof alone, or 83 issues in your home altogether, we will provide you with the information to make an informed decision. Whether that means you have owned a home before or this is your first experience, you will learn something – it is guaranteed.

All home inspectors are not equal, and we have heard horror stories. When you hire an Atlanta home inspector you want one that is thorough, educated, and one that will walk the roof. Want to know more about this Atlanta home inspector?  Then check out our Meet Your Atlanta home inspectors page.
Do you want to know what you get when you choose IHI Home Inspections for your re-sale home inspection?

  • A Certified, National tested Nachi Home Inspector
  • The Home Inspection findings will be gone over with you at the time of the inspection. We don’t make you stand around for hours to wait on the home inspection report to be finalized, Your time is way more valuable than that.
  • Your computerized inspection report full of pictures emailed to you within 24 hours of the inspection. Check out our sample report here.
  • You have our undivided attention and we are happy to go over anything with you. Matter of fact, we don’t mind if you tag along for the whole inspection.
  • Your home will be inspected from top to bottom, this includes walking the roof, going all the way into the attic and into the crawlspace. (Now days many home inspectors won’t do this!)
  • We will check all appliances and major components in your new home for safety recalls and provide you with a computerized RecallChek report stating if there are recalls, what the recall is and WHO to call to see about getting it repaired, in most cases for free.

Wonder what happens when a customer has to find another house because the first home inspection revealed hidden defects that they just wasn’t ready to deal with, watch the next two videos to find out why they choose IHI Home Inspections for not only their first home inspection but also their second.  

After the home inspection, Your Atlanta home inspector will provide you with your home inspection report that will allow you to make an educated decision, so that if needed you can re-negotiate the sales price or repairs. Sometimes because of major issues found during the home inspection the buyers and sellers can’t come to terms, it happens. Having a detailed and thorough computerized home inspection report can help you walk away and get your deposit back.

Our Atlanta home inspector is so detailed and thorough that you won’t end up with a money pit and could save you thousands of dollars.

Now while we’re no longer have the promotion going on that you see at the end of Michaels’ video, you can get an instant $27.00 off your inspection simply by booking your own Atlanta home inspection right now!

Perhaps you’re wondering why we have so many videos posted, to many times I see written testimonials and wonder if they are true. See anyone can write a written testimonial and put someone’s name after it. Video testimonials are not as easy, it’s not the same guy or the same house each and every time. Every testimonial we get is different in its own way.

Here’s another one that wanted a trained home inspector in Atlanta, with a trained eye to take a look at the house he was thinking about purchasing, to make sure he knew what he was getting. Take a minute to watch the video and  hear his story!

He was thankful that after this house inspection in Atlanta, he had a better understanding of what goes into purchasing a home in Atlanta, what items to watch for when it comes to maintenance and several other things. We have so many first time home buyers that we have worked with in the past. We take you step by step and walk you through the home inspection process in Atlanta. It will be our pleasure to walk you through your North Georgia home inspection process as well.

Our average Atlanta home inspection last three to four hours, this doesn’t include the time it takes to write up the entire report.  We have heard in the past from other clients where the home inspector was only there for an hour or so. We think that is an injustice to the client!

What are you waiting for click here to schedule your house inspection in Atlanta.

We have saved our clients thousands of dollars… It’s your turn! Even if the contract says “AS IS” make sure you know exactly what “AS IS” could be. We won’t to help you avoid the money pit and end up with your dream home. Call us today at 404-788-2581 or schedule your Atlanta home inspection online.