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Common House Problems

Flex-Line Plumbing Issues Found at Atlanta Home Inspection

flexline pipe tear no date for blog

What’s the issue with flex line plumbing fixes? Well, for starters, the choice alone screams temporary band-aid. Do-it-yourself gurus may profess to have the perfect solution for that under sink issue, but the best solution for this busted, leaky pipe is not another flex line. As seen here, the flex line has busted under pressure.

Don’t Assume A New Construction is Issue Free

It is not uncommon to find just as many issues with new builds as with the historic properties. Here are some items Atlanta home inspections looks for when underneath a home of any age:

Moisture levels – Moisture levels underneath a home can help the Atlanta Home Inspector uncover issues from inside the home.

Thermal Scans offer immediate results

With his camera, the Atlanta home inspector can determine the source of your moisture woes by providing a non-destructive, immediate result service. The camera sees and measures heat signatures. Therefore, moisture will appear as a different color on the camera enabling the inspector, David Lelak to locate the source.

Cluttered Gutter maintenance with David Lelak of IHI Home Inspections

Regular maintenance and up-keep on your home’s gutters is not only smart, but highly recommended. This routine task will enhance curb appeal and increase and protect the integrity of your home.

What do you know about Radon?

Radon is a world-wide health risk that is natrually occuring. It cannot be seen, felt, smelled or tasted. Radon is everywhere. The only way to know what level is in your home is through testing.

Thermal Scans Detect Air Leaks During Atlanta Home Inspections

There are some issues that cannot be seen by the naked eye. One way to allay a client’s fears of energy loss is with an Infrared Thermal Scan. This will reveal air, moisture and electrical hot spots in a home.