Home Inspection Day – What to expect from your Atlanta Home Inspector

 Atlanta Home Inspector explains to his

Customers what they can expect during the

home inspection process.


As an Atlanta home inspector the first thing I do when I arrive at the home for your home inspection is to begin by carefully Atlanta home inspector provides roof inspectionstaking a look at the exterior of the property.  All exterior features of the property will be inspected including driveways, drainage systems, and grading.  The entire roof will be inspected along with chimneys, skylights, vent pipes and gutters.  You would be amazed at how many home inspectors don’t walk the roof anymore.   I actually try and walk each and every roof.  There have been several items found during a normal home inspection that might have been missed had I not actually been up on the roof.  I am often called just for roof inspections for that particular reason.

Next is the interior. I’ll usually work through the home in a logical sequence, one room at a time and one floor at a time.  All general wall and floor finish conditions will be noted throughout the home.  Appliances and bath fixtures will all be tested as will all electrical outlets, windows and doors.   I will also take down the serial number and model information from any existing appliances, including the furnace, a/c and kitchen appliances to provide the Recall Chek report.

Atlanta home inspector checks for electrical issuesOnce the detailed interior and exterior checks are completed, I’ll perform an thorough evaluation of the plumbing, electrical, and heating/cooling systems of the property along with checking all components of your home.  When scheduling your home inspection this is the main reason we ask if all utilities are on.  We want to be able to provide you with a thorough home inspection.

Finally, I’ll perform any additional inspections and tests, including a Radon test, or Infrared Services (Moisture Detection or Electrical Panel Scan) that you have Atlanta home inspector answers home inspection questionsordered.  I actually preform a 48 hour Radon test where the monitor is set up and checks for radon continuously for a 48 hour period.  I will discuss the report with you and answer any questions you may have (and it doesn’t matter how young or old you are) and address any concerns I have, or anything that is of a safety concern.  The entire home  inspection should take no longer than five hours (depending on the size of the house).  Most are less than four.  However, situations vary with each property. After that your report will be completed within 48 hours and you will be able to download it right off of the internet complete with your full color pictures.

I Encourage You to Participate in the Home Inspection Process. It’s a great opportunity to learn about your house and its important features.  During the inspection, I’ll be happy to answer any questions you have.  You’ll be surprised at what you’ll learn and being present for the inspection will help you visualize all the items in the report.

David Cropped Head shot smallerMy name is David Lelak, and I’m the owner and inspector of IHI Home Inspections and as a specially trained and certified home inspector, my job is to look out for YOUR best interest! You and your family’s safety are my first priority… I will inspect your investment, whether you’re buying or selling, as if I were making the investment myself.

Thank you for trusting me with your families safety and one of your most important assets.  If you want the best Atlanta home inspection done, then get your home inspection done by the owner of the company and not some emplyee.


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