In the picture to the right you can see where there’s a cracked shingle that may not look like much, but on a brand-new home it could be considered a big deal. Shingles are layered for a reason, when installing a Atlanta Home Inspector checks new roofshingle roof the bottom shingle has nails and then the shingle on top of it is supposed to cover those nail holes so the water does not penetrate the roof.

While the builder had the roofing contractors come back to redo the shingles on the peak of this home, this is the way that they repaired this. This repair is simply a Band-Aid and over a period of time, the caulking that they have put up here will deteriorate and break down allowing water to begin to seep into the home unnoticed. While this doesn’t look like a big issue would you want your brand-new roof to look like this and to possibly have these types of errors in the future?

This is only one instance that I found while inspecting brand-new homes.

Stay tuned more more bloggs about The common found errors on brand-new homes.

This is also one of the first homes that sold in this neighborhood. It’s not like they were on the last home and rushing to get done. It was caught in the very beginning of a new subdivision. Lucky for this homeowner they chose to go ahead and do a home inspection on their brand-new home. This also helped the builder because he can still go back to the roofing contractors for them to fix the situation.

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